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Forensic Psychological Solutions is a collaboration between Prof. Nicola Graham-Kevan PhD and Dr. Fiona Wilks-Riley PhD, Consultant and Forensic Psychologist. This is a joint academic and clinical partnership which has allowed cutting edge research to be translated to clinical intervention programmes. Current programmes include the Inner Strength domestic violence programme and Inner Peace programmes which are innovative new approaches to address domestic abuse. Inner Strength helps to reduce intimate partner violence and abuse perpetration and. Inner strength has been used by Blackpool Social Services, Lancashire Police, Liverpool City and GMCA and is currently being piloted in London CRC and in prisons. Inner Peace helps people to reduce repeated victimisation. Positive futures has been used for young people with complex needs in Local Authority Care, a county Youth Offending Team, Merseyside, Cumbria and Lancashire CRCs, an NHS Forensic Mental Health Service, Red Rose Recovery and as an early intervention for families involved with early action social care services.

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Relationships are an important part of many peoples’ lives, however they can also be a source of major stress. Many people find it difficult to manage conflict in their relationships and this can lead to problems including relationship breakdown. The Inner Strength Programmes were designed using the most effective psychological approaches to help people manage their relationships better. There is a short programme (14 sessions) which is suitable for most people, and a longer programme (25 sessions) for those who feel they would benefit from additional support.

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Programme availability:

All FPS Programmes are available for organisations to train their staff to deliver, or to deliver with support from FPS.

Programmes are also available on 1:1 basis with a programme facilitator online.


  • Inner Strength for Parenting

    Inner Strength for Parenting is a new 25 session programme to build emotional management and stress management skills and applies these to parenting. It is trauma-informed and strengths-based. It helps parents to identify and respond to children’s needs for safety; emotional warmth; stability; stimulation; guidance and boundaries; and basic care. It uses the latest research and psychological  approaches to address these issues.

  • Inner Peace

    Inner Peace aims to help  engage in healthy relationships with partners. It aims to improve  emotional wellbeing, self-esteem and coping skills. It helps to build social support networks.

    It uses  a trauma-informed approach to understand how victimisation in relationships comes about.  It aims to improve personal wellbeing and relationship health.

  • Positive Futures

    Positive Futures aims to build emotional resilience and improve relationships with others. It is trauma-informed and helpful to overcome problem behaviours which can include unhelpful styles of relating to others or substance misuse.  It has been used for clients involved in early action social services,  youth offending, probation CRC and NHS services.

  • Inner Strength for Work

    Inner Strength for Work is a new programme to build emotional resilience and stress management  skills. It uses the latest research and psychological  approaches applied to work settings. It also focuses on personal development and successful relationships in life.

  • Inner Strength

    Programmes for perpetrators and victims of domestic abuse have generally had disappointing outcomes for reducing domestic abuse and helping families.


    The Inner Strength programmes are different to previous programmes as they target the core treatment needs of perpetrators and in a responsive way. Using the most up to date research findings on psychological factors that drive abuse, programmes facilitate change by using effective therapeutic approaches .


    The programme is trauma-informed and aims to build on existing strengths to support people to make choices to improve personal wellbeing and relationship health.

    Research has shown that Inner Strength programmes are effective in reducing domestic violence and coercive control.







We have fully trained team members supervised by a Chartered and Registered Psychologist who deliver the programmes

DR. FIONA WILKS-RILEY PhD is a Consultant Psychologist, Chartered Scientist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and Registered Forensic Psychologist with The Health and Care Professions Council.

Dr Wilks-Riley has 30 years of experience of working in  rehabilitation with people who have offended or have mental health difficulties.  Dr Wilks-Riley originally trained in prisons where she worked for a number of years before moving to high secure forensic mental health and community services. She is employed at Manchester University as a lecturer for the MSc in Forensic Psychology and Mental Health and leads the module for interventions. She is an academic supervisor for Forensic Psychologists in Training at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Clinical practice is the favourite part of her role as a psychologist and she has  co-authored the Inner Strength Programme, Inner Peace, Rewind and Strengthen and Positive Futures programmes to address problematic behaviour in adults and young people. She has previously been a  Clinical Lead in the personality disorder unit of a high secure hospital and Lead Psychologist in a medium secure forensic mental health service .  She has also been a  substance use treatment lead and co-authored the Substance Free Future programme.

Dr Wilks-Riley's interests include trauma, aggression and  the assessment and treatment of personality disorder and psychopathy. She delivers  training courses in these areas to professionals in the field. She has interests in psychological trauma and is a trained in EMDR, Progressive counting,  Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Schema Therapy Facilitator in addition to having extensive experience of using cognitive behaviour therapy. She has further interests in Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) and provides assessment and training in this area.

Dr Wilks-Riley provides expert witness reports in Family and Criminal Court that relate to parenting capacity,   domestic or intimate partner violence, general violence, sexual violence, substance misuse, cognitive functioning and arson. She provides supervision for clinical and forensic psychologists for their practice.

Dr Wilks-Riley also offers psychological therapy on an individual private basis for a range of mental health and/or forensic problems and is a director of Eclipse Psychological Services and Positive Forensic Psychological Solutions.

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Prof. Graham-Kevan is a Professor in Criminal Justice psychology. She is an internationally recognised expert in violence research, with numerous peer reviewed articles. She is also co-author on several psychological behaviour change programmes including Inner Strength, Rewind and Strengthen and Positive Futures. She has been researching violence perpetration, the impact on victims and the efficacy of its treatment for two decades and has numerous peer-reviewed articles as well as book chapters and professional reports. She presents her work at national and international conferences as well as delivering training and workshops both nationally and internationally. She has, or is currently, leading research on a variety topics including stalking, victim vulnerability, the impact of viewing child abuse on police personnel, intimate partner violence, sexual offending, victimisation, and post traumatic growth and trauma.


Prof. Graham-Kevan is an internationally renowned researcher in forensic psychology, and has used this expertise to co-develop a number of empirically grounded behaviour change interventions.  She has delivered individual and group-based interventions with men and women in community, prison and secure hospital settings and is trained in risk assessment and crisis negotiation.


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